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Canal University participates in international conferences
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Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mohammadein Suez Canal University President. approved on the travel of a number of faculty members in different colleges during the current month of July to participate in international conferences.

travels from the Faculty of Medicine of Prof. Dr. Ihab Mahmoud Ghoneim to attend the International Conference on Water blue, and Prof. Dr. Muhammad Moselhy Shawki to attend a scientific conference of the Association of European Fertility and Sterility, and Prof. Dr. Muhammad El-Laban to attend the World Assembly of surgeries microscopic, and Prof. Dr. Yasser Mohammed minister to attend a conference of the International Federation of Societies of Physiological

And travels from the Faculty of Science of the post conferences universal Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Abdel Azim where he participates in the activities of the Fifth International Conference microbiological European, and Prof. Dr. Mona Fouad Kaiser to attend the International Conference on Remote Sensing and Earth Sciences, and Prof. Dr. Samira Rizk Mansour to participate in the activities of the program of cooperation in science and technology Egyptian-French.

Also involved Professor Dr. Hani Farag Yamani Faculty of Computing and Information to attend the International Conference on Computer Science and integrated information to learn.


Date : July 7, 2013